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Darkj: Owner/Founder of Capcomia Studios

Darkj is an underground North American metal record producer hailing from Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Capcomia Studios was originally called Frozen Mist Productions (FMP) in late 2004 while he started making alot of music for his band Frozen Mist. In mid-summer 2006, he dropped the FMP label and was searching for a different name for his recording studio to release his music under. Playing video games and very heavily into the Capcom ones (i.e.: Mega Man, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Power Stone, etc.), the name Capcomia came to mind, with the added "ia" at the end of Capcom, the video game company that released the aforementioned games. So basically, Capcomia is a Capcom reference from Darkj playing these video games.

Life and music career

Born as the youngest of three in a musical household of Pennsylvania Dutch and German ancestry, Darkj's father and older siblings have been in underground bands throughout the years. Growing up in the 80's, he would watch Headbanger's Ball and listen carefully at the drums and try to mimmick what was being played along with those videos. After high school, Darkj has been in several band projects where he would play drums and do lead vocals. Darkj started producing his own bands music at the age of 18. When his other friends have just slipped away, lost interest or had no inspiration to create new music, Darkj just kept that web spinning to make new music... whether it was playing real instruments or composing and writing music on the computer, he never wanted to quit what he loved to do.

Production style

Darkj's latest writing style often employs using FL Studio to lay down his music tracks utilizing various VST plugins in his music. He has done alot in the underground for his music and his releases, and also has collaborated with a few of his friends' projects in the past. He also excels at mixing and mastering the audio with his underground record label, Capcomia Studios.

Capcomia Studios Releases

Coming Soon...

Mazzey - "Retrospective '94-'99" (CD)
Fall/Winter 2016
Frozen Mist - "Under Brooding Skies" (Live) / CS-052
Frozen Mist - "Dark Seasons Of Sorrow Deluxe Remix Edition" / CS-051
Frozen Mist - "Godforsaken + Sapphiric 10th Anniversary Remix Edition" (2CD) / CS-049~050

Out Now...

April 2, 2016
Katarina Rose - "Reflection" (CD, Digital) / CS-048
April 2, 2016
Frozen Mist - "The Tenalach Prophecy" (CD) / CS-047
December 12, 2015
Frozen Mist - "Lust: 2004-2008" (Digital) / CS-046
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