Frozen Mist (2004-2014, 2014-2016, 2016-present)

After the remnants of Darkj's band Mazzey in 2001, he wanted to continue to make music and decided to start looking into composing music on the computer. The ashes of Mazzey was slowly heading towards gothic and vampiric inspirations, and in February 2004, Frozen Mist was born. With 10 years of history that has abruptly ended in March 2014, Darkj has accumulated alot of experience into creating metal music at home in his recording studio. What once started as a small solo project, Frozen Mist has grown more mature with every release over the years, including help from various female vocalists, backup male vocalists and lead guitar solos. With Frozen Mist, Darkj has brought us beautiful gothic/doom metal masterpieces, we have seen the dead in the ghostly paranormal era and finally, he has taken Frozen Mist to extreme heights with his pagan black metal style. At the end of 2013, there were communication issues with ex-members that never got resolved, in which Darkj ended Frozen Mist after the release of "Paganwinds" and formed new side projects, Jaquio and Valknut from its ashes, and later, Forestwind.

Seven months later, Darkj reforms Frozen Mist as his full time band project with a new lineup and on April 2, 2016, "The Tenalach Prophecy" was released. Shortly after its release, Darkj loses interest in playing and writing this style of music, therefore his then side-project, Jaquio was brought back for a very short while. Darkj then once again reforms Frozen Mist full time bringing Salmar and starting from a brand new slate reinvented with an all new lineup, changing the genre and music style with a huge plethora of musical influences.

Mazzey (1994-2001, 2014-present)

A Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Pennsylvania. Mazzey is back together after 13 years with original founding members, Darkj and Gecko.

Originally started in September 1994 as Genicide, then in October 1994 changed name to Denied Death, and finally in November 1994, the final name change to Mazzey. Mazzey split up in early 2001 and has been on a 13 year hiatus and is now reactivated as of May 26, 2014. Mazzey released "Reincarnation" as a comeback album and was released on New Year's Eve 2014. This has become Darkj's side-project, and after the release of "Reincarnation", interest has gone downhill to continue, but Darkj has composed a few follow up demos in 2015.

Currently as of 2016, there are no plans to write new material, as the last current lineup has slowly faded away.

Jaquio (2013-2015, 2016)

Jaquio started as a Blackened Thrash Metal band project risen from the ashes in October 2013 by Darkj. This project was summoned by Darkj and good friend Kindra Ravenmoon during the original end times of Frozen Mist during the recording of "Paganwinds".

The name JAQUIO (Jaki-Oh, "Guardia de Mieux" King of the Devils) is taken from the primary antagonist of the 1989 Nintendo video game Ninja Gaiden and the 1990 Nintendo video game Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos.

Jaquio came to a minor hiatus in 2015 so Darkj could focus more on Frozen Mist during "The Tenalach Prophecy" recording sessions. On April 8, 2016, Darkj closes Frozen Mist once again because of loss of interest to composing and playing that style of music, so Jaquio was then reinstated as the new band with influences of 80's thrash and heavy metal. And shortly thereafter, Jaquio is put back on hiatus and with the aforementioned influences above and switches back over to Frozen Mist full time as this genre change. Jaquio is finally laid to rest in August 2016.

Forestwind (2015)

Darkj's Dark Ambient/Acoustic/Hard Rock/Metal project formed on April 13, 2015. This new supergroup will feature Darkj's friends taking part in this project.

As of August 2015, Darkj has recently decided to end this project due to no interest, time constraints and to focus more on his current band projects.

Valknut (2014-2015)

Darkj's Pagan Black Metal solo project summoned on April 11, 2014. A month after the closing of Darkj's Frozen Mist band project and after the release of the album "Paganwinds", Darkj decided to continue in the footsteps of Frozen Mist, but under a new band name, hence Valknut was born.

A month after the "Ode" album was released, Darkj puts Valknut on hiatus and switches it to his now 'side project', and reforms his main band project Frozen Mist once again as his full time project.

As of August 2015, Darkj has recently decided to end this project due to time constraints and to focus more on his current band projects.

M.C.W.M (a.k.a. Mournful Cries Wept Mist) (2005-2014)

Darkj's Dark/Electro/Industrial EBM side project that started in August 2005 as Mournful Cries Wept Mist. This was created when there was no inspiration to write music for Frozen Mist at that time, and for some reason, just kept this project moving along side of Frozen Mist to present day. In early 2014, during the initial closing of Frozen Mist, starting from a clean slate and creating new band projects, Darkj then changed this project's name to its initials. Shortly after, no interest has sparked with this project, so therefore has been put on hold for time being.

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