Katarina Rose - "Reflection"

Some of you may have heard Katarina on two past Frozen Mist albums... well here is her solo debut on Darkj's Capcomia Studios label.

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Frozen Mist - "The Tenalach Prophecy"

Darkj & Co.'s final release of his unique pagan styled black metal. After 12 years, he finally calls it close?

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Frozen Mist - "Lust: 2004-2008"

Darkj's 16 disc free mp3 complete collection of the early dark gothic Frozen Mist material, now remastered.

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Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2015.12.10

2016 updates... and then some.

Hail!! Darkj here. I know I don't update this page as much as I probably should, so let's go over a few things...

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