Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2016.10.19

2016 updates... and then some.

Hail!! Darkj here. I know I don't update this page as much as I probably should, so let's go over a few things here. 1) I've deleted a few videos and made a few private on my YouTube channel. I did a recent search on Google to find out on a forum that certain little bitches there apparently didn't appreciate my music or my videos. Whatever, I don't care, but when my wife was involved, that was not respectful in any way. I can handle constructive criticism, but not the shit I just came across on this forum. Pretty pathetic that people talk shit behind their monitors and dumbphones. And as far as the one or ones that have said "someone should stop this Darkj character from releasing any more music", HA. Fuck off. That'll never happen you stupid fucks. S.M.D. 2) FROZEN MIST are indeed working on new material, and I have also spawned a new solo-side project under my alias, Darkj, which would have been the next FROZEN MIST album for 2017, but with having new members in FROZEN MIST, I have decided to keep the music I have composed and release it under my name. Think of it as a continuation from my old solo side projects, namely BRUMOUS, DECARABIA and VALKNUT. 3) Also, seeing as hardly no one buys CDs anymore, I have only been getting limited runs of my releases made for close friends, guests on the albums, contributed cover models, fans and radio stations. Okay, that's all for now. Cheers!!

Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2015.12.10

LUST... The new compilation and THE TENALACH PROPHECY updates!!

Hail!! Darkj here. A major update here... THE TENALACH PROPHECY is almost nearing its completion. The tracks have been mixed and soon to be off for the mastering process. Meanwhile, I'm finishing up the booklet inserts for the CD itself.

Another update is that I've been working hard to put together a somewhat complete collection of my past albums (14 full length and 2 EP's to be exact) into a huge box set sort of compilation. Everything from the start of Frozen Mist's "Nightmares Of The Autumn Succubus" from 2004 all the way to 2008's "Dark Seasons Of Sorrow". Most will include never before released bonus tracks, instrumental demo tracks that have never made it onto any of my albums, etc. This will be a FREE download thru my label Capcomia Studios once I finish up the linear notes for the booklet. All mp3's have been encoded by me in LAME 320kbps with original album artworks, plus a new front cover for this said compilation featuring my friend Starr Prescott-Kovacs as the cover model. She has also graced the front cover of my 2012 Decarabia album, "Darker Than Black". The whole 16 album compilation, when complete, should weigh in at about 3 to 4 gigs big. A heavy download, but for the Frozen Mist collectors out there, you definitely won't want to miss this!! I will post the link to this monstrosity once it is done. That is all for now. Skal!!

Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2015.09.20

A "NEW" Frozen Mist music video coming soon!!

Hey y'all's, Darkj here. Just checking in to let you know that we are currently in the process of recording a brand new music video for the upcoming full length album. Some things have just recently changed and I have decided to re-shoot some clips over again with some new blood. A short update, yes, but wanted to fill you all in on what's going on. Okay, that's all for now. Cheers!!

Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2015.09.06

A "NEW" Frozen Mist lineup...

Hey y'all, Darkj here!! When I closed Frozen Mist last year after "Paganwinds", I went thru some changes in my life, both personally and musically, and when I reformed Frozen Mist last October and started working on new material for the next album, my writing style has changed and has varied throughout the riffs that I've created. So during the summer this year, I wanted to make a new Frozen Mist music video with some session members, which then in turn, I've decided to add these session members as full time band members to complete the new Frozen Mist lineup. Along with myself doing the usual lead vocals, rhythm guitar, drums and pagan instruments, Salmar will be the second rhythm guitarist and I'm currently looking for a new bass player to complete the lineup.

As far as the new upcoming album is concerned, it's a little over halfway done. I still have to record the sopilka into a few tracks yet, mix it, master it, finish the artwork and CD booklet and we should be good to go. That's all for now. Cheers friends!! \m/

Frozen Mistwritten by Darkj 2015.06.26

Envelope yourselves in the world of Darkj's Frozen Mist... New updates and then some!!

Hey guys and gals, what's going on? Well, I'm here to give y'all an update or three, so here goes. First off, I got this website finally back up, running and also changed alot of stuff here as well. Secondly, I revamped Christophe's Capcomia Studios logo he redrew for me last year and I felt that it was missing something... like a mascot of some sort, or something along those lines. I decided to go with a silhouette of a devil woman holding a pitchfork placed directly above the logo. Update number three, I started a new band project called Forestwind back in April, which will most likely be a "supergroup" of sorts featuring my friends and also ones who would like to collaborate with me on this project. And lastly (I think), Frozen Mist as you may know, I have reformed again back in October of last year and immediately started writing a sequel to 2014's "Paganwinds" album. The new album, currently titled "The Tenalach Prophecy", is nearing its completion. There's a few more things I need to finish on the album... laying down backup vocals and overdubs, and incorporating my Sopilka (Ukrainian flute) to different passages within the albums audio tracks. I invited my friend Aaron to also do backup vocals on this album, in which now he is included within the bands current lineup. I hope to complete laying down vocal tracks this coming weekend.

In more Frozen Mist news, I plan to re-release two albums that were previously available from the label I was on a few years ago. The two albums are 2011's "Anomalies Of The Forest" and 2012's "Mother Earth Pantheon". Both will feature brand new front cover artworks with a new cover model and will be re-released sometime this year on my label, Capcomia Studios.

Okay, I think that's all for now. Remember... keep it dark, keep it metal!! Cheers!!! \m/

Mazzeywritten by Darkj 2014.12.26

The new Mazzey album "Reincarnation" is about to drop!!

Hi friends, just writing an update to let you all know that the new Mazzey CDs have arrived here at Capcomia Studios in a very limited quantity. There will be a release party on December 31st, New Year's Eve, for the "Reincarnation" album. The guys in Mazzey, including myself, have already been talking about writing a new album!! So that's all the Mazzey news I can spew out right now. I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday and are preparing for next weeks New Year's Eve get togethers with your friends and families. So stay tuned because I'm sure in 2015, we will bring you lots of new music from Capcomia Studios. Cheers!!!

Valknutwritten by Darkj 2014.09.30

Pagan Hel reviews the "Ode" album!!

A month after the release of my Valknut album entitled "Ode", a new and REAL review has been submitted by someone who knows about the genre of music I create, Pagan Hel. The so-called shit review at Metal Archives I consider not to be a review at all, mostly an attack on me by someone who knows nothing about the pagan black metal genre at all. I do not support these "emo" kids who hack Bandcamp sites to steal mp3s for free and then write a half-assed shit review, not knowing anything about these bands or projects. These are the scum of our generation.

"The contents of your review are acceptable, but it is poorly formatted and difficult or annoying to read."

The above was a section of the email sent back to Pagan Hel in regards to submitting her review of "Ode" to Metal Archives. If anyone is annoying, it's the mods/admins at Metal Archives. They nitpick about every single little detail when it comes to submitting reviews. It's like taking a shit and not wiping your ass good enough... quite honestly, you're not going to get every little spec of shit wiped from your asshole, some will obviously still remain. This seems to be the case here.

Anyways, the first REAL review of "Ode" by Pagan Hel can be read by visiting her site below. Cheers!!


Digital downloads... no longer available.written by Darkj 2014.09.04

Capcomia Studios no longer makes digital downloads available.

Recently, I made two albums available for digital download from the Capcomia Studios Bandcamp page, the last Frozen Mist CD "Paganwinds", and the debut Valknut CD, entitled "Ode". After reading a shit review of "Ode" from someone who knows nothing about the style of music I play, and after seeing my two albums from Bandcamp hacked and now available on various sites for free, I've decided to close up the digital distribution aspect and the Bandcamp page for future albums that I release on my label. The "free" promotion on these "various sites" is nice, I guess, but it was unexpected and not exactly the way I was hoping this to go. So from now on, if you want the actual, real, physical, hard copy CD's of any of my future releases, they'll still be available, but only by emailing me to obtain them. Thank you for understanding.

Digital downloads now available!!written by Darkj 2014.08.29

So, now you can purchase Capcomia Studios releases!!

As of today, you can now buy our albums online digitally thru Bandcamp in high quality FLAC or MP3 files. You can use PayPal or your credit/debit cards. The first album available for digital download is Frozen Mist - "Paganwinds", which you can purchase for $10 USD if you're in the US, if using a different currency, PayPal should automatically convert it for you. Tomorrow's Valknut - "Ode" album release will be available tomorrow also for $10 USD. If you would like to purchase the actual physical CD's of either of these albums, they are $15 USD and you can inquire about it on the Capcomia Studios Facebook page or our email. Thank you and continue to support the underground. Cheers!! \m/

New website launch!!written by Darkj 2014.08.15

Launch of new Capcomia Studios website design!!

I have been looking for the perfect design and I think I finally came across one I thought would fit exactly what I was looking for. Yeah!!

Valknutwritten by Darkj 2014.07.20

"Ode" finished!!

Mastering is done on the debut album, will be releasing soon... Also, I have decided to make a second album. I'll post updates when the album nears it release. Cheers!! \m/

Jaquiowritten by Darkj 2014.06.16

Jaquio on hiatus

Hey friends, a little update: I will be taking a break from Jaquio for a few months, as I have other projects and obligations to take of first and foremost. I plan to continue working again with Jaquio after I release my solo project Valknut album, and the DVD release of my old band, Mazzey. With everything that is going on in my life, for my close friends that know of the struggles I've been going thru with lately, my wife having surgery, spending time with family, me working shitty fucking hours at my job, I feel there's just no time to juggle 3 to 4 band projects at once. So I'm putting Jaquio on a slight hiatus for the rest of the summer. Once things get balanced out and I can properly manage this project as well as the rest of everything in my life, I'll let you all know. Thanx for your support!! \m/

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